Writing an American Story: Playwright Yussef El Guindi

Yussef El Guindi flips through the pages of his newest play. Seated next to the director, he follows along with the actress who is rehearsing her lines in the small rehearsal room at Theatre Puget Sound. The play, set to open in Seattle, is Collaborator — a one-woman show in which the character, an American woman, is speaking directly to the audience about her history with men, including an experience of sexual assault. El Guindi doesn’t mince words, and the lines she speaks, though filled with humor, are explicit enough to be jarring. And that is clearly his intention.

“That play, in a sense, is a continuation of Threesome,” explains El Guindi when we sit down for an interview.

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<!– Feature Image: Allia Attallah and Quinn Frazen in ‘Threesome’ – Photo: Patrick Weishampel. Courtesy of ACT – A Contermporary Theatre –>


Laila Kazmi, producer/director/writer/video editor
Photograpehr, Resti Bagcal